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Ana Rubio-Serrano is on South Branch Scribbler. 

Ana Rubio-Serrano, author is on South Branch Scribbler. Firstly, she is grateful to Allan Hudson, author of “Wall of War” for his kindness and interest in her writing. He interviews Rubio-Serrano for his blog about authors and their work.

On South Branch Scribble you will meet the author beyond her work. Through 4Q,  Allan Hudson will make you discover Ana Rubio-Serrano, the author of several non-fiction books and articles. Most well-known, “The Nazis and Evil.” Moreover, she shares the reason for her writing, some anecdotes, and expectations.

Ana is a specialist in ethics, cultural analysis, and political thought in the global society. Her painstaking work on Nazism and the Holocaust cannot fail to move anybody.