Meet Ana, Specialist in Storytelling

Ana is holding a variety of key to communication positions that have culminated in her role as a Specialist in Storytelling. That is to say, can turn ideas into action.

She is a lively storyteller, an experienced teacher-coach, and a professional writer. She knows the importance of communication through storytelling.

In other words, she knows how stories inspire our whole lives when it comes to igniting creativity, making decisions, and getting others on board.

Rubio-Serrano engages with storytelling and writing since 2003. Ana started using storytelling in her lectures, workshops, and classrooms by encouraging active participation.

Most importantly, as a specialist in storytelling, she uses critical and creative thinking to give voice, a unique perspective to the story. On the other hand, Ana interviews creatives on her blog.

In addition, you also can find some interviews with Ana Rubio-Serrano.

“There’s always another way to tell the story.”

-N.O. Brown.